“The gospel . . . is the power of God that brings salvation.” Romans 1:16



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Missional Pastors Lead Missional Churches

By the time you read this newsletter, my family will already be relocated to Taiwan.  As much as we look forward to a new adventure and connecting more with the Christian community in Asia, I have also been doing much reflection and thinking on how God has brought me onto this path…More

CBM North America

So much has happened during the first half of 2017.  While CBM begins its expansion to Asia under Peter's leadership, I have been entrusted to develop the headquarters in North America into a mission agency to recruit and support short- to long-term missionaries for God's kingdom work inMore

Missions in China

After arriving in Asia and seeing the house church and the students, I was impressed by the commitment these Christians have for Jesus. The way they pray reminded me of the writers of the Psalms, where they pour…More

Why Short Term Missions

Short term comes across as something not to be taken seriously.  So why is CBM entering the realm of short-term missions?  We want to dispel any notion that short-term is a throw away activity that does little to nothing for the cause of global…More

The Year of the Rooster tract is now available. It is also available in Chinese now.  Preview available here. Contact us to order at: info@cbm-bayarea.org