“The gospel . . . is the power of God that brings salvation.” Romans 1:16



Hope Bible Church

Our newest work is in a low income neighborhood called Visitacion Valley, located near the famous football Candlestick Park in San Francisco. 

Visitacion Valley straddles the border between San Francisco and Daly City. The area was originally settled by Irish and Italian immigrants who worked in the nearby factories. The area today has a large population of African Americans consisting of 30% of the population. However, this number has been declining in recent years due to the rising cost of living in San Francisco, and has been supplanted by a massive influx of ethnic Chinese immigrants who now make up more than half of the neighborhood's population.

God opened the door for us to serve in this community since 2000 when the weekly programs began for the children and youth.  This summer, we had our Camp Toon’s day camp.  What a fantastic 5 weeks of day camp!  Our staff whose energy and creativity captivated the attention of many rambunctious children, their love for Christ overflowed to the families they served.  Praise God for bringing children to a saving knowledge of Lord Jesus; the transformed lives of our young staff who not long ago were the children, but now are day camp helpers and teachers.