“The gospel . . . is the power of God that brings salvation.” Romans 1:16




Chinese Bible Mission began in 1952 by Rev. Sen Wong.  A recent Bible College graduate from Multnomah School of the Bible located in Portland, Oregon, Sen received a gift of $30 from his pastor, Rev. Daniel Hager, to start a ministry to reach the American-born Chinese for Christ.  This was the beginning of Chinese Bible Evangel, later known as Chinese Bible Mission and now CBM.

In 1956, the Lord led Sen and his wife, June, to move from Portland, Oregon to SF Bay Area in California.  The first church was started in their Oakland home with a small group of children and young people.  Seven more churches were planted in the next five decades in the SF Bay Area and Sacramento area.  See map of the churches planted.

The auxiliary ministries of camps, retreats and literature evangelism were added to serve these new churches – to encourage and edify the new believers through Bible teaching and fellowship, and to reach the lost for Christ.

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