“The gospel . . . is the power of God that brings salvation.” Romans 1:16



Chinese Bible Mission is an independent, non-denominational, church planting organization dedicated to reach Chinese Americans for the Lord Jesus Christ since 1952.  Pastor Sen Wong and his wife June, started and revitalized many Chinese churches in the SF Bay Area and Sacramento area.

CBM has been sponsoring youth camps for Chinese American youth for over 60 years.  Thousands of Chinese American Christian youth have been influenced by CBM's camp ministry, and many of them have become Christian leaders as pastors, missionaries and professionals all over the world.  (See Map of the churches planted and Biography of Rev. Sen Wong).

Moving forward, CBM is expanding its ministry to become a global missions agency focusing on China. 

The Vision of Chinese Bible Mission is to:

We are very excited to have Rev. Dr. Peter Wang to lead us through this expansion as CBM's Executive Director.  Dr. Wang and his family will be relocating to Taiwan in summer of 2017 to better connect the CBM resources with the needs in China.  Please pray for CBM's transition and consider becoming a ministry partner through giving or joining one of our short term mission trips. 

Partner with Biblically minded Christian ministries and church planting movements in China/Asia to

Proclaim Jesus' gospel for all to know and experience and to

Raise up the next generation of global missional leaders